Computer Repair | Service

We are a full-service provider for all of your computing needs!  If your computer won’t boot, if you need to retrieve data, or you get a ton of pop-ups or inappropriate advertisements on your desktop, we can take care of those issues for you!

Computers nowadays are a dime a dozen.  You can pick up a new desktop computer with a monitor for under $500 delivered to your doorstep.  We understand and recognize this trend and therefore our service & repair prices are very affordable for the consumer.

  • Computer Repair & Recovery

We offer computer repair and recovery services to clients.  We are CompTIA A+ Certified and Dell DCSE (Dell Certified Systems Expert) approved.  The CompTIA A+ certification is a standard in today’s computer repair field and customers should put their trust in those that are.  We go above and beyond the standard CompTIA A+ certification with also being Dell certified as well.

The majority of computer repair issues are due to malicious software that has been inadvertently installed.  This is called Spyware or Adware.  This is what causes advertisements to popup when you aren’t even on the computer or visiting websites.  This malicious software is very dangerous because it can capture information on your computer and send it to unwanted parties over the Internet.  In addition to malicious software, many problems are also caused by a configuration problem.

Many times when a computer won’t boot, you will receive the dreaded screen called the “Blue Screen of Death” in the computer world.  This is what happens when either a hardware or software configuration issue won’t allow your computer to run properly.  In these cases, we offer data recovery services if you are unable to get to your saved documents, music, videos, or other important items you had saved.

  • Computer Upgrades

We also take care of computer upgrades for customers that want to increase the performance of their PC.  The best method for increasing performance of any machine is to upgrade the memory.  Our special program can determine exactly what type of memory is required for your machine.  We will then order this on your behalf and install the upgrade for you at your convenience.

Other times, customers want to get the most out of their computer by installing other devices – such as adding more hard drive space for storage of data, installing a CD burner so they can create music CDs and backup data, or install a new video or sound card.  We take care of all of these necessities!

Let us do the leg-work for you in finding the perfect upgrade for you and installing it for you.

  • Computer “Hunting” Services

Not sure what computer you should buy?  Are you having difficulty finding a computer that would meet your needs?  No problem!  We can ask some basic questions to ascertain what the computer will be used for and determine what type of computer will meet your needs.  Many times customers will actually purchase a very expensive computer and are not sure what they purchased.  We can help you cut through all the acronyms of RAM, IDE, PCI, VGA, and all the other confusing parts of buying a computer!

  • Cost for Services – Computer Repair, Recovery, and Upgrades

We primarily are involved with house calls as most customers would rather have a technician visit them in the comfort of their home and not worry about pulling the computer out of its cubby-hole on the desk, unplug everything, and bringing it in.  We offer house-call services and the base price is $50.00 per house call.  The charge includes the first hour of service.  Each hour afterwards is billed at $25.00 per hour.  We charge from the time we arrive to the time we depart from the location.

For customers that don’t mind bringing their computer in to us so we can work on it longer, run in-depth diagnostics, and download and install needed necessities quicker, we charge $25.00 per hour.  The time that the computer is spent “on the bench” running diagnostics is not charged.  We only charge for the actual time a technician is physically at the machine working on it.

Many times we understand that computers are more of a pain than people believe they are worth.  Because of this, we typically cap the charge of any computer repair at $100.00. Sometimes hardware in the computer will go bad and must be replaced.  In this case, we will always give an estimate to the individual for how much the new part will cost to purchase and install.

  • Cost For Services – Computer “Hunting”

We are very affordable when it comes to finding a PC that matches your needs.  We typically add on $50 to the price of the computer and will take charge of ordering the computer and answering all questions required.