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affordablecertifiedlifecoachBsnTech Networks worked with a customer a few months ago that turned sour. Here at BsnTech, we strive to be a low-cost website and graphic service provider to help those that don’t have a large budget.

Unfortunately some of those customers turn out to be problematic and fraudulent. We typically do not write about such customers, but this customer was quite the exception and felt it was compelling to write about this individual and their business in hopes that others may find out about them.

Mina Sidi, the owner of Best Life Coachings (also may be known as Best Life Coaching, Life Coaching By Mina, or Affordable Certified Life Coach) had contracted us to create a website for her back in April.

We spent at least eight total hours between phone conversations and the actual work on her website. As noted on our phone number, all phone calls are recorded specifically for the purpose of these customers that are fraudulent. While we won’t post the actual recorded phone calls here, they do remain archived for future use if needed.

In the phone conversations, Mina noted several times that she was extremely happy with the responsiveness that we provided along with the website that we created for her and her business.

We even went above and beyond and did other work for her that was not billed – just to ensure that we were ensuring she was completely satisfied since she also promised more work down the road to create another membership-based website for her.

After we had the website fully completed and done, she then contacted us again with a list of changes that her colleagues requested to have done on the site. Again, we worked quickly to have all of these changes done within 24 hours just as her colleagues mentioned.

Unfortunately, she began having problems with her hosting provider – HostGator. While we are not sure what kind of problems she had with them, she called us up and asked us to fully create a new website for her using a different hosting provider. This request was unfair and unjustified. She did tell us that she was willing to pay more for us to create the site, but she wasn’t going to pay for the additional work that we accomplished – which her colleagues requested.

BsnTech Networks does not use proprietary website building systems anyways. We make it a policy to do this because when you use a proprietary website builder program, you are not able to move the website to any other provider; you are stuck with the provider that the web builder was designed by. This has repercussions down the road – from the provider going out of business or significantly increasing the monthly/recurring costs because they know they can (unless you want to lose your website and start over again).

Therefore, this post is simply to provide feedback on this customer and to warn any potential customers to Best Live Coachings / Life Coaching by Mina / Affordable Certified Life Coach. This business should be avoided at all costs and we find it interesting that the business “specializes” in provide life coaching – but yet they fraudulently disputed the costs associated with building their website.

In addition, here is the names, address information, and phone numbers:

Mina Alami (also know as Mina Zina and Mina Sidi)
3812 Lupine Land #G
Calabasas, CA 91302

Phone Numbers – 805-300-6848 & 747-888-3443

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