eCommerce Website Design For Christian Witness Network

christianwitnessnetworkDave and Anna, the owners of Christian Witness Network, contacted BsnTech over a year ago asking about our website design service offerings.

They were looking to potentially start a new business that sells Christian T-Shirts – on a basis where there would be one shirt provided and then a new shirt would be updated on the website after a specified time period.

About a month ago, Dave and Anna decided to move forward with the website since they got the business started.

They emphasized having a very simple and easy to navigate website to make it easy for their customers to get to the shirts, order them, and checkout quickly.

They provided the graphics for the site and we implemented it right away.

After a few modifications, the website is now up and running and open for business!

We appreciate the trust that Dave and Anna put in us and are glad to help out in this endeavour.

The Christian Witness Network website is at