Flowering Peas, Radishes Done, More Lettuce!

I think that lettuce is going to become a new food group all of its own around the house.  Today I went outside and pulled off another 70 leaves from the 11 lettuce plants.  That totalled 2 pounds, 6.75 ounces of lettuce!  So far that almost doubles what has already been harvested – so there has now been about six pounds of lettuce harvested!

2 Pounds, 6.75 Ounces of Simson Elite Lettuce

I went out back and noticed that the peas also have put on their flowers!  Darn, I was hoping that the flowers wouldn't be out until Friday or Saturday of this week – I just wonder how long it will take the pea pods to produce now – hopefully more than 10 days!

Peas Flowering

And lastly, some of the radishes were taken out of the garden today.  These were planted on April 25th and they are now down – 31 days later.  I only picked 7 of the 24 that were originally planted – the others still will grow over the next few days before taking those out.  There was  9.75 ounces of radishes – including the foliage – and 1 7/8 ounces without the foliage.


The green beans in the front are also putting on their next set of leaves as well – so they are coming right along!  Yesterday the weather was pretty much rainy all day without much sunlight.  Today it has been the same – not much sunlight and a steady rain most of the day with some heavier periods.  Seems like this really brought the garden to life yet again!