How To Disable Taskbar Grouping in Windows

There are a few configuration changes that I make on computers that need to be set in the Windows registry.

With having over 600 computers that I oversee, making sure certain settings are configured are needed.  Our System Admins do a good job at configuring most things – but there are other changes that I like to take on myself.

So – you don’t like the taskbar grouping of similar programs eh?  Well, let’s get rid of that!

This setting will be effective for all NEW users that login to the PC after this setting is made.  That means any user profiles that are already on the computer will not be affected – unless you delete them.  This process will disable the grouping of similar programs on the taskbar in the registry.

First, let’s open your favorite Registry editing program (regedit.exe).

Now, click the HKEY_USERS key and go up to File and choose “Load Hive”.  In there, you need to open the Default User profile’s registry file.  Type this in the box:

C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\NTUser.DAT

After you click Open, the Registry editor will ask you to give it a name.  Simply type in “ntuser” and hit OK.

Now, you have the Default User registry file opened for editing.  Now, it is time to disable the automatic grouping of programs on the taskbar.

Go to this location in the registry (assuming you named the file above ‘ntuser’ as indicated):


You now need to create a new REG_DWORD key.  Right-click on the right frame and choose New – then DWORD Value.

Name:  TaskbarGlomming
Value:  0

Yes, definitely an odd value name to disable the grouping of similar items via the registry, but it works!  If you want to enable it, change the value to 1.

That is all!  Now any new users that login to the computer will have the grouping of programs in the taskbar disabled.