Logo Design for The Vintage Patchery

Bob, the owner of The Vintage Patchery, contacted us about six weeks ago.  He was looking to get a website created as his primary objective.  Initially, he wanted to work with someone local to his area that he could sit down and speak with.

However, he ran into roadblocks trying to find a local person that was affordable and wouldn’t charge him a huge cost to create a website.  He decided to give us a try after seeing our reviews.

During our conversations and the information provided to us, it was determined that he needed a professional logo design as well.  He sent us a PDF file with how he wanted the logo to look like.

Our logo designer, Dan, created five mock-up designs to send him.  Bob immediately acted on one of the logos (pictured here) and no other modifications were needed.

We are almost done with the website and will post about that project soon!