Logo Design For True North Candle Company

True North Candle CompanyBsnTech Networks was contacted by Eric from True North Candle Company.  He was wanting to have a rustic logo created for his candle company.

Eric provided us two links to other sites that he wanted to give us for ideas for his logo.

Our graphic designer worked through about six different mock-up designs until Eric was fully satisifed with the logo that we created for him.

At BsnTech, we try to make a few different design styles for logos so customers can see a few different ideas instead of only seeing one.  That allows our customers to have a decision about the logo.

Eric has indicated that he was very pleased with the fast turn-around and the logo that we designed.  He is now having us create another logo for another business venture he has.  In addition, he may be choosing BsnTech Networks to create an eCommerce site for his candle company.

Thank you Eric and True North Candle Company for the ability to create a logo for you!