Logo Design For Zhang Ray Designs

zhangdesigns-logoMonique, the owner of Zhang Ray Designs, contacted us about a month ago about our logo design service.

Initially, she was a little suspect about our service since our pricing was very reasonable.  Afterall, she just also got burned from another designer.  She paid another designer $500 in order to create a logo and a simple website for her.  In the end, the designer refused to make any modifications or changes to the logo – and she was stuck with what she got.

Monique wasn’t impressed with the other logo designer and was concerned that we may not be able to meet her expectations.

In the end, Monique decided to move forward since we only require a 20% pre-payment for the logo work – and the final balance is payable only if the customer is satisfied with the work.

Our logo designer worked about a week on the logo and presented Monique with a few mock-up designs.  Immediately, Monique was extremely satisfied with the initial designs – but did ask for a few changes.  However, the initial designs were much more on target for her desired look than what the prior designer provided her with.

After a few more modifications, the logo was completed and approved!

We appreciate Monique’s business and are glad that we were able to gain her trust with our services.