Logo Vectorization for Team Mamo Realty

teammamorealty-logoMatthew, the owner of Team Mamo Realty, contacted us last week. Initially, he wanted to get a landing page website together for his customers – that way he could have a single website that would then link out to all of his other pages.

During the conversations, he also said that his logo that he created looked very poorly on signs that he used for his properties and anytime that he tried to make the logo larger. That is because Matthew was working with a “raster” logo and not a “vector” logo. Raster logos do not scale to larger sizes – and will look blurry or distorted. They are meant to be the same size – or smaller.

With our vector logo design service, we can take a raster logo and convert it to a vector. Matthew took us up on the offer to have this done.

The order was sent to our logo designer right away – and he had it completed to Matthew’s expectations in just two days. Now, Matthew can use the logo anywhere – and increase the size of it – without any loss of quality.

We are still working on Matthew’s website and should have that finished up soon.

We appreciate the business from Matthew!