Logo Questionnaire

BsnTech Networks provides professional vector (print grade) logo design services to brand your business.  Our cost is a flat rate of $150 per logo.  We request $25 to start the logo and $125 upon completion to your approval.

Our logo designer will provide at least three initial “mock up” designs for you to review.  We will then further modify the logo you like the best until you are happy with the design.

Please answer as many questions as you possibly can.  If you would rather fill out the Microsoft Word Logo Questionnaire, you may download and send by email.

If this questionnaire is left mostly blank or there is not a lot of detail for us to understand your vision, we may not be able to assist with your design.  We successfully complete all logo requests where we are provided with specific details but have less success otherwise.

    Your First & Last Name:

    Your mailing address:

    Your phone number:

    Your email address:

    Company name exactly as you wish it to be used in your logo.

    Please provide a tagline or a slogan if you would like it used in the logo.

    Please describe your company. What type of products/services do you/will you provide?

    Are there any logos and/or graphics that you admire? Please paste in the URLs to them. Or attach them below. Please provide an explanation as to why they appeal to you.

    Upload a few examples (if available) of logos you like and/or sketches you have created. FILES MUST BE LESS THAN 1 MB EACH:

    When you think about a logo for your business what images/symbols come to mind?

    Do you have any ideas for the style of text (font) in your logo? Please look at dafont.com, provide font name for specifics, or simply leave this field blank if you prefer we apply a font we feel looks best.

    Do you have a color scheme in mind for your logo? If not, have you thought about colors and color schemes?

    Are there any colors that you dislike?

    A typical logo consists of shapes, symbols, and two or three solid colors, with font only. Others prefer the use of gradients (colors that fade into other colors) or bevel / shadow effects. Which do you prefer, or require?

    What logo size do you need? (for example: 100x100 pixels, inches, etc). Please state any size you’d like or leave this field empty and we will choose optimal sizing for your design.

    Any other comments for your logo design: