Low Cost Website Design For Asheville Home Inspections

Asheville Home InspectionsGreg, the owner of Asheville Home Inspections, contacted us a few weeks back in order to have a website made for his new home inspection business.

We started on Greg’s site right away with getting the color scheme and the design done.  It was setup to match the colors of his logo that he also provided.

After a few weeks, we then get some of the information from Greg that he wanted to have on the site.

Upon getting the info added, Greg then asked for some help with understanding how he could manage the website himself.  He was on a thin budget and wanted to simply get the basic site setup so he could then take it over himself.

We provided our video tutorial to him along with some instruction over the telephone on how to do some changes on the site.

Greg noted that he most likely would be back in contact with us to add on some other features to the site in the future.

We appreciate the business from Greg and was happy to help create a basic website design for him!

The Asheville Home Inspections website is at ashevillehomeinspections.net.