More Lettuce & Weather is Cold!

We were blessed with another good amount of lettuce this week.  Just over one pound!  I have the four piles separate so you can see the colors.  Red Salad Bowl is in the upper right side, Simpson Elite, Buttercrunch, and then right in the front is New Red Fire.  New Red Fire is new this year and is doing very well – almost providing more than what the good ole Simpson Elite is providing.

Assorted Lettuce

Ahh.. and all the mixtures together!

Assorted Lettuce

The lettuce plants then looked bare again after they were picked.

Lettuce Plants

In addition to lettuce, we had about ten Easter Egg radishes that were ready to be harvested.  Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the size of them.  I chose Easter Egg because I expected they would get large per the descriptions.  Oh well – at least it is something!

Easter Egg Radishes

The weather has turned to be quite cool this week.  We had 80 degree weather last week and that all changed on Saturday.  We got over two inches of rain on Saturday and the temperatures never hit 60.  It has been that way this week – but we did manage to get to around 64 degrees today.  So, the cool-weather crops are loving this year.

OK – time to make the rounds in the garden.  Here is the patio garden.

Patio Garden

The six Kennebec potatoes in the “potato bin” and the carrots.

Carrots & Potato Bin

The potatoes are really growing well – since the weather got warmer.  But now that it is cooler, they’ll probably slow down a bit.  But, they are still going well in the back garden.

Back Garden

The Cascadia Snap Peas continue to climb up very quickly next to the house; they are not climbing as quickly in the back garden as pictured above.  The broccoli & cauliflower are doing wonderful as well.

Side Garden

The broccoli and cauliflower in the flower bed by the road are a bit slower – but they were also planted here a few weeks after those above.

Flower Bed Garden

And how about the front garden.  Not too much happening since last week though.

Front Garden

I think I’m going to be required to start some corn inside.  Out of 75 Honey Treat corn that was planted, only about 15 of them have come up in over a week now.  I even soaked the seeds (along with the Bush Blue Lake 274 seed).

As you can see though, the onions continue to grow and the celery is continuing to grow as well.  I’m almost tempted to harvest one of the larger celery plants.  Heck, I really need to – otherwise, what are we going to do with over 18 Ventura celery plants all at once!

Ventura Celery & Copra Onions

The tomatoes and peppers are still growing fairly slowly; not much to report on there.

Tomatoes & Peppers

Alas – and the Crimson Sweet watermelon.  They are starting to put out other leaves and I think before long, it will be time to plant them in the ground.  I only need about three of these – four at the most.  So I’ll have a few to give away.

Crimson Sweet Watermelon

That leaves two pictures left.  First is the Tri-Star strawberries.  They are really supporting the netting – actually, I think they are bound by the netting.  There are a few red strawberries on them – but not enough to pick yet.

Tri-Star Strawberries

And lastly, the grape arbor.  The vines have really begun to shoot out of the wood from last year – and there are already a good dozen – if not more – small little grape clusters that have just begun.  Now, just to keep the deer away from them.

Grape Arbor

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