My First YouTube Video Upload

Today I created my first YouTube video upload.

I've been employed at my job for over six years now, and they reward their employees at the six-year level with a special "gift".  They give you a catalog and you can choose out of the catalot what you'd like.  For some time now, I've been wanting a new digital camera – one that would allow me to record movies with audio.  The Olympus Stylus 300 digital camera we currently have allows you to record movies – but only up to 30 seconds long and with no sound.

So, a Samsung SL30 was what was available in the gift catalog.  While not a full review of the Samsung SL30 camera, it is a very nice looking camera with many features and functions.  It also has the digital image stabilization feature as well.  Unfortunately, one of the down sides is that it uses two AA batteries – and boy does this camera drink batteries!  I've had the camera for a little over a week and since then, I've maybe taken 10 test pictures and a total of around 15 – 20 minutes of videos (including the one below).  That is where I really liked the Olympus camera – it had one of those black rechargable batteries so I didn't have to go buy AA batteries all the time!

Anyways, the first video I made was in regards to the Rain Water Tower & Compost Tumbler system that I created a week ago.  I wanted to post it out there so others can see what I've done and maybe provide some insight on how to create one of these systems.