Onions Almost Done / First Picking of Green Beans

Several weeks have passed again since the last garden update.  We had a really great crop of lettuce this year and it lasted a while in the fridge.  Matter of fact – there is still one gallon-sized bag of lettuce left in the fridge to be used. While it turned off very hot again this year (and then has cooled down since), the lettuce has all bolted and is no longer looking great.

Bolting Lettuce

The lettuce bed was full and overflowing – now it is sparse and growing upwards.

There are two celery plants left.  I’ve been cutting them down as I use them on salads.  The celery is still holding up very well – just have to ensure they are watered regularly!

Ventura Celery

The celery pictured above was a bit dry and started to sag a bit.  Took the pictures just after I watered them again.  But, the one picture above was also cut down and used this week too.

Ventura Celery

Onions look to almost be done!  Some of the onions have already bent over – which means they are ready to be harvested.  Here is a view of the full onion bed:

Walla Walla Onions

A view of the onions planted first:

Walla Walla Onions

A view of the onions planted last:

Walla Walla Onions

Hard to see the difference, but the onions planted first are larger and some have bent over.

What else….

Hmm, well, I did get to pick a small handful of peas.  Very, very few – just enough to spread over two salads.  I did not take any pictures of this but the peas were also picked at least two or more weeks ago.

So, that leaves us with the front garden!

Front Garden

The green beans are doing very well.  And so far, I’ve had great success with keeping the deer out this year!  By this point, everything would have been chewed up.  Before taking all of the pictures, I got out in the garden and picked some green beans for the first time.


Green Beans

Tomatoes are also growing well.  Really hoped that all six would have taken off, but two of the tomatoes I transplanted did not work.  We do have some tomatoes on the vines, although I looked a little closer afterwards and some of them seem to have blossom end rot on them.

Best Boy Tomatoes

And finally – a stroll through the fruit section of the front yard.  First – the grapes.  We’ve never harvested any grapes off the vine, not even sure what variety they are.  I ordered two grape vines and the nursery didn’t send us the correct vines.  One of the grape vines has since died.

Grape Vines

The grape vines are not nearly as loaded this year as they were last.  There were dozens of bunches everywhere on the vines.  This year, the bunches seem to be smaller with only a dozen or so.

And – the Granny Smith apple tree.  It is loaded with apples this year too!  Last year, we had quite a few but it seemed like many of them never matured and dropped off.  So far this year, they are staying on the tree.

Granny Smith Apples

That is all for this garden post!