Parr Products Receives Affordable Website Design

Parr ProductsOne of BsnTech Networks’ talented freelancers completed an affordable website design on behalf of Parr Products.  The owner at Parr Products has invented a tablet handle that can be placed on the back of almost any tablet.  It is a universal fit.  The handle allows for several differentways of viewing your tablet – whether holding the handle with your hand – or lying it down on a table so the tablet will be at a viewing angle.

Parr Products originally was attempting to make sales for their product through Amazon, but they wanted to have a website designer create a site for them to have their own company page – and to have a more professional online presence for sales and support.

Our freelancer used a special JavaScript system on the home page that provides some motion and attracts attention to the product.  In addition, PayPal integration was completed so that customers can order directly from Parr Products’ website without the fees that Amazon charges.