Passed the CompTIA Security+ Test Today

After months upon months of studying, I have finally taken and passed the CompTIA Security+ test today.

I started the process of using NetG (now Skillsoft) online training materials that are provided through my company over a year ago. Because I was taking classes at the University of Illinois each summer, I was never able to fully complete the training materials during the three months. Finally this year, since I am not taking summer classes, I was able to complete all the training materials. In addition to the Skillsoft materials, I used a website that has a nice online learning format for the materials. This is provided by Certiguide. This material is a little bit out of date, but for the most part, the information was correct and good for the test.

I had to drive up to Bloomington at a testing center there since there is not one in the city in which I live. After about 45 minutes, I walked away with a score of 890/900 – apparently I only missed two of the one hundred questions. Originally I thought the test was out of 1,000 points, but this was not correct after reading the summary afterwards.

What is next for me? I am not quite sure yet – as I am debating whether it is really worth the time and money to go after the Linux+ and Server+ exams. I do like the CompTIA tests in the fact that they never expire – unlike other vendor certifications like Cisco.