Payment Integration Assistance For Lugnut4x4

Lugnut4x4Shawn, the owner of Lugnut4x4, contacted us yesterday asking for some help with their WordPress site.  Shawn’s website makes use of the WooCommerce system to allow an eCommerce system on his site.

Shawn noted that about 10 to 15 percent of his customers was having problems checking out with PayPal and he wanted some advice on how to make it easier.  We recommended the use of PayPal Advanced.

PayPal Advanced is a newer feature from PayPal (a few years old).  There is a monthly fee of $5 to have this service, but it makes the payment integration much easier for eCommerce sites.  Instead of redirecting a customer to PayPal, a card payment form comes up directly on the customer’s website.  In addition, it doesn’t prompt them to create an account or login to an account.  It is more streamlined and to the point – asking only for card details.

In just a few hours, we had the PayPal Advanced system setup and operational on his website and we removed the PayPal Standard functionality that was causing some abandoned shopping carts / payments.

We appreciate the business from Shawn and hope that we have exceeded his expectations!