Photographer Website Design For Jamie Boden-Johnson

Photos and More By JamieJamie contacted us just a few days ago inquiring about website design.  He wanted to have the ability to sell his digital prints online – but also wanted it to be easy for him to update the prints on his website.

In addition, Jamie provides other print design services – such as putting the prints on canvas, wood, or other background materials.  He wanted to allow visitors to inquire on the website about those products.

After understanding what Jamie wanted, we sent out the initial invoice to him to get started.  He got that paid within an hour and we started on the site!

A short few days later, his site is now fully done and launched!  Although he only has a few prints loaded so far, he is now fully in charge of his website and can start making profit from his photography hobby.

We appreciate the business from Jamie and hope we can take care of any other website design needs that him or his friends may need.

Jamie’s website is at