Problem Arises with Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4 (Week 8 Release)

After updating the website to Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4 (Week 8 Release) from Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC1, there are now more troubles that are occurring. The update does fix the problem with your gallery being deleted with the upgrade and a SQL vulnerability, but it now introduces a new problem.

Since development has stopped on Zoom Media Gallery, I am now contemplating changing to another gallery component.  Unfortunately, I have over 750 pictures on the site with plenty of descriptions of each.  Changing to a new gallery possibly means doing all of this again.

The problem I have now seen with Zoom Media Gallery is 100% CPU usage.  Google indexes my site on a regular basis and because of this, it seems to overwhelm PHP and cause Apache to create several threads – all take up the CPU and the processes will not terminate unless killed manually.

I uncovered this by using the built-in Apache server-status mechanism that gives you information about the process id, CPU usage, and the web page requested.  All of the processes frozen had an address for the Zoom Media Gallery.

All of the processes had a "sectionid" of one specific number – a number not used on any links anywhere on the site.  So, the question is – where is this 'sectionid' number coming from?  Maybe after some time and after Google gets all of the pages spidered, the issue will go away – hopefully.