PVC Irrigation System Update

I noticed that there was another issue with the PVC irrigation system in the front.  Originally, the PVC system was setup with the hose coming into the PVC pipe, going through a "T" piece, and then splitting off into four other PVC pipes from there – two attached with "T" pieces and the other two using 90-degree elbows on the side.  You can see a bit how it is setup here – with the main horizontal piece , the T coming in from the hose, two T's going to two other PVC pipes, and not picture on both sides – the 90-degree elbows:

Front PVC System

Well, with the way the water pressure works, it was forcing most of the water down the very end of the horizontal PVC pipe through the two lines attached to the 90-degree elbows and therefore causing the two lines attached with the two "T" pieces to not get as much water.

So, this was corrected.  The hose is still connected to a T piece coming in which then splits off in either direction to a 90-degree elbow.  From there, each 90-degree elbow is then attached to another T piece – which splits it off into another horizontal PVC pipe.  Again, there is a 90-degree elbow on each side of this piece which forces it down each of the lines.  This way, it gets a better and more even water flow.  Here is the new finished product:

New Front Irrigation Connections

7 thoughts on “PVC Irrigation System Update”

  1. nice system ,can you think of a way to add a feeder :miracle grow ” something of that type powder mix through
    the pipes .

  2. Hmm – good question. I guess if you use a hose – like shown above – to connect the system, you could use one of those screw-on miracle grow feeder things that is infused directly into the jet of water.

  3. Looks to be a brilliant solution to spending 2 hours watering every evening but what I don’t get is how you connect the hose to the PVC pipe without it leaking?

    • Hi Flis, you can get a PVC adapter that will allow you to thread in a regular garden hose into the PVC pipe. It will be a female threaded adapter.

  4. How can I build pressure to water my garden.it is as slow as at present.one suggestion was put 32 hi hose but a bit expensive at present.

    • Hi Kim,

      The only ‘free’ suggestion I can provide would be to ensure you put your rain barrels up as high as possible. The rain barrel system I constructed has the barrels just under the gutters – so they are quite a bit off the ground. By the time the water makes it’s way down into the PVC pipes in the garden, there is sufficient pressure.


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