Setup Email in Outlook App on Phone

This article will assist with setting up email on the Outlook app for smart phones.

#1 – Open or install the Outlook app.

#2 – After the app is open, it may immediately prompt you to add an account.  However, if you already have an account setup in Outlook, you’ll see your existing email.  Tap on the Outlook icon at the top left:

#3 – Next, a screen will show up with folders of your existing account.  Tap on the gear icon at the bottom left:

#4 – You’ll see the screen below.  Tap to Add Mail Account:

#5 – After you tap to add a mail account, a prompt will come up at the bottom of the screen.  Choose the first option to add a mail account.

#6 – On the next screen, enter your email address and then tap the blue Continue button:

#7 – Next, you will either get a screen like the one below or you will get a prompt from the bottom of the screen to choose the account type.  Click on “POP”:

#8 – The next screen appears and you must enter the server information.

Incoming POP Server —
Incoming Port — 995
Security Type — SSL/TLS
POP Username — enter your email address
POP Password — enter your password

SMTP Outgoing Server —
Port — 587
Security type — StartTLS (after you change to StartTls, the port number may change.  Be sure you check the port number and it is 587)
SMTP Username — enter your email address
SMTP Password — enter your password

#9 – Finally, tap on the checkmark icon at the top right of your screen.