SNMP Segfaults in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 – Revisited

After a previous comment by an individual who visited the site, I did a little more research and work on the NET-SNMP 5.4.1 issue where it causes a segfault in the syslog in Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. SNMP then stops working until I restart the service.

I started to notice patterns – like on weekends, SNMP would not segfault but it would always happen on weekdays. It also always seemed to happen in the morning around 8 to 9 am.

After pondering – I remembered that I do work during the weekdays and get to work around 8 am. I then boot up my laptop and connect to the server. Shortly after is when I notice SNMP dies.

Today at work, I locked myself from remote access. Funny enough – no SNMP segfault today! I went into my Cacti graph program through Firefox and all of the graphs seemed fine. After a few hours, I checked Cacti again and still no spots in the graph where no data was attained.

So, it is my belief that there appears to be some sort of conflict with SNMP and PoPToP VPN.

As you recall, Net-SNMP 5.4.1 no longer allows you to use the 'exec' directive and requires you to use the 'extend' directive when adding additional information into SNMP that can be pulled from the system. Maybe afterall, there isn't a problem with this as I last expected. I last reported that if I commented out the 'extend' lines I had added, that the problem didn't show up. So, I still have some research to do on that front. Maybe the two services try to overwrite memory or something?

Still hard to tell.