The New Web Design Blog

Welcome everyone to the new Website Design blog.  I will be contributing some information about website design on this blog for everyone’s benefit.

At BsnTech Networks, we specialize in low-cost, affordable website design for personal users, businesses, and organizations.  So, it would only make sense to create a website design blog.

The first tip to pass on is the fact that CSS – or Cascading Style Sheets – is the wave of website design.  Gone are the days of manually hand-coding all of the styles, fonts, and colors directly into an HTML website.  When you use a CSS file, this is a file that contains styles for every item that you wish to have styles setup for.  In the websites, you will simply call the style sheet with a tag like this in your header:

<link href=”/css/css_file.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” />

So, you’ll fill that css_file.css with all the styles you wish to use for your website.

Why use style sheets?  Well, the big reason is because every page of your website will then have the same “look and feel” to it when you do the website design for the pages.  No more different colored backgrounds, no more formatting mistakes and errors!

What does a CSS file have in it?  Here are some examples:

#code{background-color:#9CB0D1;font-family:Courier;border:1px #000000;border-style:dotted;padding-left:10px;}

So what does that say?  Well, it says that anywhere you have a <div id=”code”> tag in your website, the style that follows it in the {} brackets will be done.

The background color is the hex code of #9CB0D1, the font is Courirer, there will be a 1 pixel black border (designated by #000000 in hex code) that has a dotted style to it, and lastly – there will be 10 pixels of padding to the left.

Sound familiar?  Well, the “box” that the above code is contained in is the result of that line!  So instead of typing in that line throughout a page, you simply put in “<div id=”code”>” …. put your text here, and then close it with “</div>”.  So that way anything between those web design markup codes will have the specifications that you set forth in the CSS file.