Upgrade from Ubuntu 7.10 to Hardy 8.04

I have just upgraded both servers from Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 to Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.

For the Decatur server, the process was very straightforward except one caveat. For the Paris server, it was pretty difficult.

Currently the Decatur server is the "live" server and is doing all websites, secure sites, e-mail, DNS, and the works. Paris is a backup mail server and hosts the VMWare Windows 2000 Server that is is running the old WebMail until the end of this month.

With the Decatur server, the only thing that caused a small headache was a change in snmpd. With this new version, the "exec" feature was deprecated and I had to change my lines over to "extend". Welp, the MIB OID grew to a huge number after this change. This, in turn, required me to update some data items within the graphing utility I use – Cacti.

The MIB OID used to be:
Now, it turned into:

I also noticed that snmpd would just unexpectedly die and I would start getting "Timeout: No response from localhost". I haven't had this problem now with the Decatur server after a few days – and I haven't updated anything in the way of snmpd except the above changes.

The Paris server was a bit more complex. With Hardy 8.04, vmware-server is not available through the repositories and upon upgrading to the new version of Ubuntu, it removes vmware-server! So, I had to follow a few setup pages to install vmware-server from source. It then would not start the virtual monitor and would fail on service startup. Turns out, there is a problem in one of the source files where two commas have to be removed. After making this change, I re-ran the vmware-config.pl file and I finally was able to get it to go after a few hours.

MySQL also threw a fit. I had set a port for TCP/IP instead of just using a socket connection. In the first place, the mysqld socket file disappeared from the /var/run/mysqld directory so I had to simply recreate that. I then had to go in and comment out the line that opened the TCP/IP port. This finally got MySQL going.

I now have the same problem with snmpd on the Paris server as I did the Decatur server. snmpd simply dies and no longer listens for requests. This time, it keeps terminating itself every 15 minutes or so. I still have yet to find a fix for this.

I was finally able to get the error out of the syslog. When SNMP dies, I get error: snmpd[7872]: segfault at 0000000c eip b7c4e79b esp bfe63940 error 4

However, I cannot find anything out online about this issue. Sure would be nice if I could roll back to the previous version of SNMP that seemed to work.