Website Assistance For Cal Schindler

Cal emailed us late on Friday evening.  He needed some website help.

Several years ago, he created a website for his second home – a cabin in Michigan.  Somehow, the website got shut down / removed at Google.  He had all of the backup files stored on his computer but didn’t know how to get them re-published again.

So, he setup a website builder account with another hosting provider but was not happy with how the pages looked and the amount of work it required to make any changes.

BsnTech Networks stepped in right away and helped Cal with his issue.  That same night – Cal sent us over the zip file of the website files.  He provided us the hosting login information and we had the website builder stuff removed and had his original / older website up and running.  All within an hour!

Cal was very happy with our quick response and will do business with us again in the future for any other website needs he may have.

The website address for Cal’s site is at

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