Website Assistance For Beach Chimney Sweeps

Beach Chimney SweepsBsnTech Networks was contacted by Jerry late last week.  He originally had another website, but GoDaddy had completely deleted his website when he didn’t renew the hosting in a timely fashion.  Luckily, he had a copy of an older website that he had and was able to at least get a site running for his business.

However, the website needed to have some modifications and changes done to it – namely a change in the e-mail address on each page, a contact form that was not working, and a few other text changes.

BsnTech worked quickly and had all of his requested updates done within about 12 hours of receiving the login information to his hosting account.  We fully setup the programming for the contact form and tested it to ensure it was working properly.

We appreciate the business from Jerry!

The Beach Chimney Sweeps website is at