Website Assistance For Find Your Truth Coaching

Find Your Truth CoachingStephanie contacted us yesterday (Tuesday the 22nd) in regards to needing help with getting some items added and fixed on her website.

She provided us a detailed list of things that she needed to have done on the website.  Upon receiving that list, we provided her a specific estimate for each item that she requested service for.

In the end, she chose to have us complete most of all the items except a few.  We helped her with these things on her website:

  • Added her logo to the top of the site to replace the stock logo that was originally there
  • Added social network sharing buttons on the upper area of the right sidebar
  • Added a “Meet Stephanie” section on the bottom right sidebar that links to her About page
  • Fixed her contact form on the Free Consultation page so it worked and she was e-mailed the results

Upon receiving her credentials for the site, we started right away and had the work done within just a few hours.  She has since looked over the work and has approved of the changes.

Stephanie’s website is at