Website Assistance & Hosting for Embody Divine Wellness

Elizabeth contacted us several months ago.  She had a website that was created but there were several “touch up” items that needed to be completed on her website and she wasn’t sure how to complete them.

We spoke with Elizabeth over the phone a few times to understand all of the changes that she was needing.  Many of them were concerning linking correctly to her training/online course provider so her customers could be directed properly.

There were also other changes to the color scheme of the site, some picture changes, and other general formatting issues that she was contending with.

After were were completed with the changes, a problem happened with her hosting provider and the SSL certificate on her site – making the website unreachable.  She contacted her hosting company and they got it resolved.  However, it happened again within a month or two.  After this happened again, she opted to have us host her website as well.

There is quite a difference with how much quicker her website loads on our servers versus the hosting provider she had in the past.

We appreciate the business from Elizabeth and the opportunity we had to serve her!

The website for Embody Divine Wellness is at

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