Website Assistance & Hosting for Turner Packaging Solutions Inc

Phillip, a current customer of BsnTech with a few other websites, reached out to us for help with a company website that he was involved in.  Originally, they had another individual helping to get the website created but the development process stalled and they needed someone that was going to work quickly to get the site completed.

Originally the scope of the work was to help overhaul the website and setup the design.  During the process, however, they were fed up with their hosting provider with the slow page response and trouble with file permissions.  Therefore, we worked to copy over the entire website to our hosting platform which dramatically increased the speed of their site.

Over the course of a couple months, we worked closely with Phillip to make each of the pages and create templates so they could go through and fill in the page details to save on cost.  This was also good practice for them to be able to manage their website themselves as well.

Thank you to Phillip for giving us this opportunity to help with the website design and website hosting needs!

The Turner Packaging Solutions Inc. website is at


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