Website Design and Advertising Management for All Tubs Reglazing

Linda called us needing some immediate help with her business All Tubs Reglazing.  She wanted to get a new website created for her business very quickly.  She noted that the site needed to be done in a couple of days and wanted to know if we could meet that deadline.

We responded – YES!  Her needs were pretty simple and she gave us all of the material that she wanted on the website very quickly.

We beat her expectations and had the website done the day after she made the initial payment.

Once the site was done, she then asked us about our advertising services.  We explained that we do Google Ads management and we require no contract or setup fees.  We only charge a monthly commission based on the advertising amount that the customer wants to spend and we work on a month by month basis.

With that in mind, she wanted to give us a try to see if the advertising management with us would work.  We setup the ads and once they were turned on, she immediately started getting a couple of phone calls a day.  Linda continued to increase her ad spending through the month of July and has continued to do the advertising through August so far.

We appreciate Linda’s business and look forward to helping her with her website and advertising needs for the long term!

The website for All Tubs Reglazing is at