Website Design For Chicagoland Matchmaking

chicagolandmatchmakingMary, the President of Chicagoland Matchmaking, contacted us in mid-March to have us create a website design for her.

After obtaining the info from Mary, we got started on the website quickly and had something ready to show her within a few days.

Unfortunately we had mis-understood Mary’s request initially which caused some frustration, but we bounced back very quickly.  In our original messages, we thought that Mary wanted a very simple website with a black background.  She also provided us a graphic to be used at the top of her website.

Mary was frustrated with the web design situation and took a step back away from it to tend to other business for a couple of months.  Upon her return, we took a second try at the website.  She provided us an example of the site that she felt was appealing and wanted her site to be similar.

Upon receiving the additional guidance, BsnTech updated the website and had it to Mary’s standards within 24 hours.  Today, she has approved of the website and was very happy with the result that we were able to create for her.

The website for Chicagoland Matchmaking is at