Website Design for I Dove NY

Vincent contacted us about a month ago needing help with a website for his business, I Dove New York..  He had a website in the past but had since lost contact with the web designer and found that his site was removed/suspended.

Initially, Vincent wanted to just have a very simple website put back online because of his issues with several web designers in the past.  He didn’t fully trust the fact that we would be here to support him for years based on his prior experiences.

However, we were able to find his old website that was suspended and provided him a link to it to view the archived website.  Once he saw that we were very knowledgeable and was able to uncover it, he asked us to re-create the website identical to the prior site.

Once Vincent was ready to move forward, we got started on the website and it was completed in less than 48 hours after their initial payment.  Vincent called us quickly thereafter and explained how impressed he was with our fast we were and how we pulled through with what we promised.  He noted that he will be spreading the word about us because of how well they were treated and our professionalism.

We appreciate the business and the kind words from Vincent!

Their website is at