Website Design for Aesthetics & Cosmetics

Ben and Shaheen, the owners of Aesthetics & Cosmetics in Lahaina, HI, were referred to us a few months ago by another customer – West Maui Signs.  Ben and Shaheen were having trouble with a website designer that had been paid to create a website for them.  After working with Ben through the specifics of the needed website and the features needed, Ben was ready to move forward and put the troubles behind them.

We worked with Ben and Shaheen over a week’s period of time to get the website setup and completed.  However, they were still working to get the business open and had other priorities so the website work was put on hold for a while.

After a couple of months, Ben reached back out to us and said the were ready to make a few changes to the site and get it operational.  Today, the website was completed and was made live!

We appreciate the business from Ben and Shaheen and look forward to a good business relationship with them.

The Aesthetics & Cosmetics website is at

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