Website Design for Affordable Certified Life Coach

affordablecertifiedlifecoachMina contacted us last week asking for help with a website design.  She already purchased her domain name and website hosting – and then tried to setup her own WordPress site.  However, she was not satisfied with how it looked and opted to reach out to a professional website designer.

We called Mina back and she noted that another individual already had replied to her request and said that he was working on it.  However, we spoke with Mina for a while on the phone and she really felt like we understood what she wanted and felt that our level of professionalism surpassed the previous person that she spoke with.  She noted that there were language barriers with the previous person because they were from a different country.

In the end, Mina provided us with the login details for her site and requested that we change the password right away – to lock out the other person from making any changes to her site.

Mina sent us the information she wanted on her website by the end of the night.  The next morning, we started working on the site and had it completed in one day.

She was extremely pleased with our response and the fact that her site looks very professional for her field.  She has noted that there may be some other websites that she would like to have us create in the future – specifically because she was astounded by us understanding what she wanted to do with the website and our timely work that was completed.

The website for Life Coaching by Mina is at

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