Website Design For Aksnt Translation

Aksnt TranslationBsnTech Networks received a call from Ahmad, the owner of Aksnt Translation, a little over a month ago in regards to website service requests.

Ahmad started a business – Aksnt Translation – and needed to get a website created for his business.  After obtaining the information from Ahmad, we got started on his website right away.

During the design, Ahmad had noted that he liked the color scheme and how our website was setup – and he requested that his site look similar to ours.

We worked with Ahmad over the past month in order to perfect the website exactly to his request.  Several phone calls were exchanged in order to tweak the layout of the site and the placement of certain pictures.

Today, we have finished up the last changes to the site and it has now been launched!

We appreciate the business from Ahmad and look forward to potentially creating a website for another business he has in a few months.

The Aksnt Translation website is at