Website Design for America’s Choice Fundraisers

Mayra from America’s Choice Fundraisers contacted us at the end of January and asked us about our website services.  Initially, she indicated they wanted to come in and sit down with a local person to assist with their website needs.

Mayra called shortly after sending the first contact and we spoke with her – and let her know that BsnTech is based in Illinois and not in Texas.  Even with this information, they decided to move forward with us after we had a Zoom meeting with us.

Their current website was exactly as they wanted it, but they had some technical issues with the site being difficult to update.  Within a few days we reproduced the website and made a few changes during the same timeframe that they requested.

Today, the website was approved and we had a final video conference and provided training on how to manage and update their website.

The America’s Choice Fundraisers website is at