Website Design For Amy Furqueron, LPC

amyfurqueronlpcAmy, a personal and family counselor, contacted us a few months ago in order to have a website created.  In addition, she also placed an order with us to create a simple logo for her as well.

Amy was exceptionally busy for the first few months and had to take a step back from the website and logo design.  But she then returned and was ready to have us complete everything.

She provided us an example of a website of a friend and wanted her site to look identical.  Therefore, we were able to discover how the other person’s website was made and used the same general setup that she had.  That included a slideshow on the home page, three columns of topics on the home page, a blog, and a contact form.

Today, Amy has approved of her website and was ready to start managing it herself.

Amy’s website is at