Website Design for Calvary Chapel of Republic, MO

Pastor Tony from Calvary Chapel of Republic, MO contacted us yesterday – on February 21st.

We called and had a phone conversation with him about his needs.  He has two websites – one for his church and one for a small FM radio broadcast.  He was looking at changing hosting providers.

Additionally, he was having trouble getting their radio broadcast streaming.  While we don’t have expertise in this, we had a great conversation about what was needed.  Pastor Tony was able to get his radio stream back and running later in the day after it being down for several months!

Their existing websites were made in Joomla, which are hard to update.  We spoke about changing over to WordPress as the platform and he agreed since there was also someone in his congregation knowledgeable in WordPress.

Pastor Tony made the payment to get started in the afternoon.  By that evening, we had the full website re-created in WordPress.  He reviewed the website and was ready to launch it!

Today, the site is completed.  We are working on the radio website next.

The site for Calvary Chapel of Republic, MO is at