Website Design For Certified Rolfer, Sharalee Hoelscher

Sharalee HoelscherBsnTech Networks was contacted by Sharalee, a certified Rolfer that specializes in bodywork and body therapy.  She was referred to us by one of our other clients, Bruce at Pensacola Beach Sailing Tours.

Sharalee contacted us a few weeks ago to just get general information about our service and what we could do for her.  After speaking with her, she was very surprised about the low pricing and the range of services that we offered.  She just contacted us back this week to get started on her site.

She had a site already, but she was not able to update it or do anything for herself.  This was the primary need that she had – to ensure she could make changes to her website herself.  In addition, she requested that the color scheme of the site be changed somewhat to have a rust-colored text to help set it apart.

We got started right away and had the majority of her site completed in less than 24 hours!  She then requested that we modify her header graphic of the site to make it match the color scheme and do a couple of small updates.

The site has now went live and she is very surprised at how quickly we got the site completed and the level of service we provided.

Thank you Sharalee for the opportunity to create a website for you!

Her website is at