Website Design for Church of Christ at Florida Avenue

Keefe, an associate of the Church of Christ at Florida Avenue in Palm Bay FL, reached out to us in mid March asking about help with our website services.

We followed up with Keefe right away with our regular message we send to get customers acquainted with our services and some of the terminology.

Keefe responded about a week later indicating that they still were looking to have a website made, but needed to run it by the congregation prior to starting.

On April 16th, he replied back and said that the church approved getting the website created.  We provided an updated estimate for his needs.  That same day, he completed the initial payment to start on the site.

Over the course of a week, we received the information to put on the website and made a few changes as needed.  The website is three pages with an external link for a donation website, the site has social networking integration, and is mobile friendly.

The website for the church is at