Website Design For Cincinnati Bopping Heads

Cincinnati Bopping HeadsElmer, the owner of Cincinnati Bopping Heads, contacted us last week to create a website.

After we discussed the pricing and information over the phone, he quickly asked us to send out the initial invoice to make the pre-payment to start on the site.

Elmer already had a domain name and chose a hosting provider, so he simply needed us to help create a website for him.  Once we got his information, we started on the site right away and had the main portion up and running within just 24 hours!

After a few days, Elmer then provided a few more changes that he wanted done on the site – which was also completed very quickly.

His website is now up and running and although it isn’t fully completed, he will be adding pictures and other materials to it as his business grows.

Thank you Elmer for allowing us to help with your web design creation!

The Cincinnati Bopping Heads website is at