Website Design for Concierge Fitness & Nutrition

conciergefitnessandnutritionBrian of BsnTech Networks was contacted by a previous co-worker on Facebook about a website design lead. The individual provided us contact information for a person they were good friends with – and said that they were starting a new business and needed a website setup.

We followed up with the potential customer, Kristin, and explained our services and pricing.

Kristin said that she knew of a person that could do web design, but they were very busy and she needed to have a website setup immediately for her new business venture – which is in the fitness and nutrition service industry.

BsnTech started right away on the site and had something ready for them in just a few days.  This was just the beginning – as just a simple site was needed for now.

A few weeks later, Kristin contacted us again and said she was ready to add more functionality to the site – namely the ability for visitors to register and pay for events online – and the ability for visitors to purchase a membership to the website to access premium content like meal plans and recipes.

We setup the event registration system that lets them manage their events and tailor the events to their needs – all of which is easily displayed on a calendar.  They can customize the maximum number of attendees, the cost of the event, discount codes for multiple ticket purchases, and more.

With the membership system, we setup one level of membership – VIP level.  Anyone is then able to become a member of the site through an automatic recurring payment – then they have additional access to the site.

We appreciate the business from Kristin and look forward to providing her support for the site over many years to come!

The Concierge Fitness & Nutrition website is at