Website Design For Corrugated Savings, LLC

Corrugated Savings, LLCBsnTech Networks has now completed the website for “Out of the Box” Corrugated Savings, LLC.  Roger had spoke with us a few weeks back about his need for our full range of services – website hosting, domain name management, website design, and logo design.

Our graphic designer completed the logo a couple of days ago and just released the logo to Roger late last night.  It was then added to his website – and therefore that was the final item needed to complete the site.

Roger was very prompt with providing us everything he wanted on the site – the page titles, the pictures that he wanted on each page, and the text for each page.  He also provided us a couple of different websites that he liked.  By doing so, we had the majority of his site completed in just a few days.

We appreciate the business from Roger and hope that if there are any other website or graphic design services he needs, he’ll contact us!

Roger’s website is at