Website Design For DTW Netcom LLC

Dennis, the owner of DTW Netcom LLC, reached out to us several weeks ago about our website design services.  He was getting quotes from different designers to update his existing website.  The website he had was a Flash-based website which doesn’t work on the majority of devices – including computers.  Computers now require that you whitelist Flash websites if using Chrome, specifically enable the Flash-based content in Firefox, and doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge.  The only browser that allows Flash to play automatically is Internet Explorer.

We provided Dennis some options on whether he wanted us to host the website or continue to keep the hosting with his current provider and outlined the cost differences.  Dennis had just renewed his hosting in April with his current provider for a year – otherwise he would have had us host the site as well.

Dennis let us know last week he was ready to start on the site.  We worked that same evening to get the general setup done.  The next morning, Dennis sent us the text information he wanted to have on the site.  Some minor changes were done and the website was just published to his hosting account today!

The website for DTW Netcom LLC is at

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