Website Design for Ever Beauty Studio

Charles, owner’s husband of Ever Beauty Studio, contacted us back at the end of February asking about our website services.

They already had a website but the way the site was designed, they had no access to update and make changes to it themselves.  After a few months, Charles reached back out to us and was ready to proceed with having us help create a site that they could update themselves.

We assisted Charles with keeping the website very similar to the old site, but we corrected some errors and added some additional services, pages, and pictures to the website.

The website has a total of 15 pages on it along with other features like a basic contact form, a picture gallery system, a homepage slideshow, hover over/drop down menu navigation, mobile device compatibility, and social networking integration.

Charles called us today and was ready to make the new site live.  We walked him through the process of the necessary domain name changes and the site is now live!

The Ever Beauty Studio website is at