Website Design for G Bar G Ranch Pixie Bobs

Gail contacted us a few weeks ago in distress.  She had a website designer create a site for her G Bar G Ranch Pixie Bobs cat breeding business.  The web designer was also hosting the site – and her site was taken down.

She attempted to contact the designer several times but received no response, so she expects that the individual went out of business.

Luckily, we were able to find a copy of her website using the site – which takes snapshots of websites regularly.  After we passed this along to Gail, she was very happy and proceed to have us rebuild the website.

After just a few days, we had the site up and running.  She did have a few changes that were necessary along with sending us new YouTube video links to embed in the site.

The website for G Bar G Ranch Pixie Bobs is at

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