Website Design For Halloween Headquarters of Jackson Mississippi

Halloween Headquarters of Jackson MississippiBill from Halloween Headquarters of Jackson Mississippi contacted us a few weeks ago asking about several kinds of website services.  He wanted to know the different kinds of online marketing that was available – so we informed him about the positives and negatives of both kinds of online marketing – either through search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  In Bill’s case, he needed to choose the PPC advertising.  SEO marketing can take several months before results are achieved – fully depending up on the competitive nature of the keywords and phrases chose.  Since Bill operates a halloween mega store in Jackson MS, he needed to understand that PPC was the only method that was going to bring results this quickly – since halloween is only six weeks away!

After providing that education, he wanted to think the matter over for a bit.  He then contacted us late last week and said “Let’s get going and get this site up!”.  So within only a few days, we had his site fully up and running to his satisfaction.

We appreciate the opportunity to create a halloween website design for Bill – and hopefully he will also have us manage his PPC advertising campaign.

Bill’s website is at