Website Design for Heavenly View Estate Farm

Joe contacted us a few months ago asking about our website design services.  He was in the process of purchasing some real estate in Somerset County, PA.

We answered his questions and then sent him an itemized estimate.  Several weeks passed with no response, but he ended up finding our messages in his spam folder.  After he found them, we picked up discussions and he was ready to get his website started.

The plans with the real estate is to make it a venue to host weddings, social gatherings, fundraisers, and more.  He is calling the business Heavenly View Estate Farm.

The website consists of six pages, social networking integration, a contact form, mobile device compatibility, several picture galleries, a homepage slideshow, and hover over / drop down menu navigation.  Joe was very quick to send us the material needed to create the site and also supplied us with all of the photos to add to the site.

Today he approved of the website and the work is now completed!

The website for Heavenly View Estate Farm is