Website Design For Mid-Mod Connection

midmodconnectionRoland, a repeat customer of BsnTech Networks, contacted us a couple of weeks back asking about another website design he requested.  Roland owns a business, called Mid-Mod Connection, where they sell mid-century furniture and accessories.

Roland was looking for a very simple, clean website that he could use to provide online visitors a showroom of his inventory.  He did not want any eCommerce capabilities, but just the ability for visitors to see the items available, several pictures, the description, and the asking price.

Once we received the information from Roland, we started on the website within a few days.  Just this evening, we had our final phone call to complete the website design and make some minor modifications to fit their style.

Roland is now empowered to go and add and manage his inventory on the site with the use of our easy to follow video tutorials that will keep him on track.

We appreciate the continued support and business from Roland!

The Mid-Mod Connection website is at

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