Website Design for Mini Arms Depot

Romel, the owner of Mini Arms Depot, contacted us on March 4th.  He needed some help creating a website.

Initially, he supplied us a link to a site that he liked.  After looking through the site, we turned down the work because the example site would have been out of our abilities to create for him.

However, Romel was persistent and explained that he didn’t need to have a website with the same features – but was looking to have a site with a similar type of layout and color scheme.  He explained what the site would be used for and the features.  Upon that phone conversation, we were comfortable with assisting him with the site.

A quote was sent to him and he was ready to have us start on the site.  We began on the site on Monday and within three days, the site was done and completed!

We appreciate Romel’s business and his persistence so it worked out to be a good outcome!

The website for Mini Arms Depot is at